Brand Naming Strategist

We are looking for a brand naming strategist to work on exciting brand naming projects. Together, we will name companies from all around the world (big and small) helping founders start their brand development process perfectly.

You'll work closely with other team members and our director to create world class brand naming development. You will work on a range of different type of projects to broaden your skillset and learn how to do in-depth trademark checks whilst also learning how brand naming can impact the rest of the brand's overall strategy.

Areas of Responsibility

As our Brand Naming Strategist, you will be responsible for the following:

Developing incredible strategic brand names to help position our client's businesses effectively

Understand how to strategically name a company and position the brand to maximise competitive advantage

Arrange perfect brand slogan balance with the brand names you develop

Complete our structured name development presentations to explain and educate our clients on your ideas

Checking names and ideas for domains, trademarking and SEO potential

Follow our strict brand naming process to ensure you can create the best brand names possible and serve every client brief

Who are we looking for?

The ideal candidate can come in so many shapes and sizes. But here's the basics of what we're going to be looking for:

Experience in naming brands

An understanding of brand strategy and positioning

Being eager to learn and develop your skills is a must

Examples of your name development experience and past projects

Compensation, Situation, & Benefits

Initially, we are looking for a contractor (freelance) for a specific project

A full-time, salary with benefits will be available after an initial period

We're absolutely open to remote workers, in fact, we prefer it!

Note: This is not a position for someone who is looking for short-term opportunities. This is for someone who wants to be part of a team and build something special together.

How to Apply & Next Steps

To kick things off, send an email to

Please give us a brief history of your experience, why you'd want to work at Clementine House Branding Agency, and send us a link to some of your work that you are most proud of.

Also feel free to share your desired monthly rate, and your availability to start.

Please make sure you add the Role Title in the subject line.

Also please do not attach huge image/PDF files for your portfolio. We will only review portfolio websites and links.

If the work is not your own, do not share it.