The Brand Accelerator Launchpad Program

Every world class brands has one thing in common.

When you see them, engage with them or hear their name... everything 'just clicks' and 'makes sense'.

This is an opportunity to make sure your brand evokes this same amazing feeling inside your target audience.

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*Takes 2-3 minutes on average

Clients share their feedback on the Brand Acceleration Launchpad Program™

See how some of our clients felt about the experience of building their brands with Clementine House with The Brand Accelerator Launchpad Program™.


Our Trusted Brand-Building Framework

Our tried and tested blueprint to brand-building, promising an amazing result every time.

Brand Name

Highly memorable and catchy names your customers can't resist.

Brand Identity

Look trustworthy, credible & established from day one.

Digital Assets

Your website should work hard to grow your business every single day.

Brand Strategy

A highly detailed strategy & blueprint to guide your brand to success.

Launch Plan

Start as you mean to continue with a momentum driven launch plan.

The Brand Accelerator Launchpad Program™ is Perfect for you if:


Your customers make a perception about your brand within 7-10 seconds of landing on your website.

Within that short time frame, they decide if you're a trustworthy brand or if you're just another business wanting their hard earned money.

A credible and established brand identity can help you instantly look trustworthy to new potential customers.


Let's put it simply...

If your brand doesn't look trustworthy, less prospects will be willing to buy your products or services.

And as you have to pay these days for prospects to become aware of you, it's obvious a brand that 'feels right' will naturally pay less per new customer.


If you just have a website, you're losing money.


Websites are basic. A digital asset which works hard to help you achieve key business objectives helps drive your brand forward.

Imagine having a professional hard working sales person who works every day of the year, 24 hours a day and never takes a day off. Well that's what a objective focused website should do for you.


We all have brands that we know and love.

And it's almost certain those brands all have a catchy & memorable brand name that communicates something special about the businesses and what they offer.

Your brand name has to do the same if it doesn't want to be forgotten or (even worse) confuse your target audience.


There are a million and one things to think about when building a brand.

So having a prioritised plan & blueprint is essential to keeping you on track every step of the way.

Going into business without a clear strategy is like going into war with toothbrushes as weapons.

Yup... it's going to get messy.

By the end of the program, you'll have:

unforgettable positoning within your industry

Our tried & tested brand name development process has helped 1417 brands find the perfect name & slogan to position themselves for success.

All names come with a guaranteed .com domain & worldwide trademark checks so  it can be protected safely.


Our in-house design team has developed world-class brands which are now household names in many countries around the world.

This is possible due to our approach & involving you in the creative process from the start.


Building a website or digital asset which helps grow your business is essential if you want to actually scale your brand.

It's not about working harder.

It's about working smarter, and letting your website do all the hard work for you.


You may think most brand have different roads to success.

But if you look closely enough, you'll see they all follow the same key princables & steps.

We use this exact same blueprint to help our clients launch, grow and scale effectively everyday.

But most importantly...

The Brand Accelerator Launchpad Program™ will give you a dedicated creative team & world class support to help your brand win— by making sure every detail of your brand is perfectly aligned with your logo term vision for the business you're trying to build.


*Takes 2-3 minutes on average

The clients who became partners

Here are a few clients who have experienced working with Clementine House within The Brand Accelerator Launchpad Program™

"When you work with larger firms, you pay to cover all their overheads. Clementine House offered a very substantial package for a very reasonable price. I was blown away."

Alex Bell   |   Montlar Optics Founder

"Clementine House has that personal touch that helps projects come alive that I've never experienced with the dozens of other agency partners which we've engaged in the past."

Andrew Gilliland  |   BBQ-AID CEO

"I invested in the program was just because of the dialogue. You listened and understood what we were trying to do, the product and the journey that we were on. There's always steady progress."

Ian Woodward-Smith   |   Wellbudds CEO

"The brand gave me so much more then just a business card. It embodied the sophistication, quality & ability to stand out. It gave an emotional framework in a way. It literally gave me a mark."

Lisa Meddin  |   HLNW Director

"When you're in the wilderness of building a brand, you need someone to pioneer the path forward so you don't go down the wrong path. You laid out the roadmap."

Paul Goetzke  |   Huntmark Founder

"It was how much you cared for me. I felt like they took time to understand what we were doing. You put your thoughts and passion into it. No one else does that."

Brian Marszowski  |  Analog Rituals CEO

Our average client saves over $6000

The Brand Accelerator Launchpad Program™ is a strategic blueprint to build your brand, the right way, from start to finish.

The program is more of a partnership. With our team being solely dedicated to helping you succeed in every area of brand building and marketing.

To reward successful applicants of the program, we offer exclusive packages & rates to honour their commitment to truly investing in making their brand great.

We want to create amazing work with great people. So if this sounds like an appraoch that aligns with your vision, we'll likely be a good fit.


*Takes 2-3 minutes on average

We know you have the vision... So let us help you make it a reality

We know you're trying to build something special.

If you weren't, you quite frankly wouldn't be reading this...

And we both know everyone who's ever built something great did so fuelled with passion and with great people by their side.

We get over 800 applications a month for The Brand Accelerator Launchpad Program, and we only choose the 3 projects we're most excited to partner with and grow.


*Takes 2-3 minutes on average

"It's more of a partnership as opposed to hiring somebody else. Every email you sent was valuable. I felt like you really wanted to understand the business and offer the best possible service."

Edvards Vitols   |   Laundar Co-Founder

Are you ready to build a world class brand?

Every client we've worked with has followed our tried and tested process to build a brand they can be confident in and their target audience can grow to love.

Is your brand next?


Would you rather get to know us first?

We know how important your brand is to your company and you personally.

So if you'd like to have a virtual coffee together to discuss your project over a quick zoom meeting, you can book an appointment below.

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Why you shouldn't apply:

If you just want to try and build a brand with no plan, guidance or support.

If you don't see value in building a trustworthy brand.

If you're not serious about building a business your customers can see as credible & established.

If you like everything done your own way and aren't open to a professional team's input.

If you're not passionate about the project and just see it as a way to make money as fast as possible.

If you can't make at least 30 minutes available per week to discuss project ideas and updates.

Why you should apply:

If you're passionate about the brand you're trying to create.

If you understand that building a profitable business takes time to be done right.

If you believe that taking the time to do things right once is better than doing it multiple times rushed.

If you're open to being guided by a professional team who are just as passionate about your brand as you are.

If you understand the value of having a dedicated creative team to support you every step of the way.

If you want a step by step plan to building your brand from start to finish.

Some common questions about the program

Why do you only accept 3 clients every month for The Brand Accelerator Launchpad Program™?

So we get around 800 applications every month of businesses and founders wanting to work with us to build their brand.

One of the reasons so many brands want to work with us is simply becuase we have a proven track record of working with businesses and helping them succeed.

And the reason those businesses do so well is becuase our focus is laser focused on their development and making sure every detail is perfect. This helps the brand to inspire trust in their customers, which naturally helps their business thrive.

So we'd love to work with more clients. But the truth is we would rather work with just 3 clients a month and do amazing work than work with more clients and delivery anything less.

How much does The Brand Accelerator Launchpad Program™ cost?

The overall cost of the program depends on a number of factors.

These factors could be anything from the amount of services or products you have to offer or perhaps even what type of business you are.

During the application process, we'll ask you some questions to define the exact cost of the program.

If we feel like our team are passionate about your project, we'll provide you with a personalised quote and plan for the program.

You're then free to take as long as you need to consider the proposal, to decide if it is the right fit for you.

Will I have a say in how my brand will be brought to life, or does your team make all the decisions?

Involving clients in our creative process is one of the most important factors to The Brand Accelerator Launchpad Program™ being as successful as it is.

We lay out specific milestones during the process where we meet with you to discuss ideas, brainstorm and then plan actionable next steps.

This is your vision. We just want to give you the expertise, tools and guidance to bring your vision to life.

So in summary, you'll be included in every single step of the brand building process. And we don't move on to the next step unless we have the official green light from you to move forward.

How will it take to build my brand from scratch?

So on average, the brand building process can range from 45 days to 120 days.

This depends on multiple factors, including if you have a specific date in mind to launch your brand.

In that case, we'll plan your brand building schedule around that date (if it is possible).

Once you submit your application to the The Brand Accelerator Launchpad Program™, if accepted, we'll send you a complete plan and breakdown of every step of the brand building process to help you understand exactly how long each phase and the entire experience will take.

What if I already have a brand name or logo, so I don't need the full program process?

If you already have elements of your brand in place, that's great.

For example, if you already have a brand name, we would still be open to including you on the program and we would obviously leave out the brand name development process.

However, this would only be the case if both you and we knew that your brand name was strong enough to carry and work in conjuction with your overall vision for your brand.

Your brand is a jigsaw, with your brand name just being one single piece of that overall picture.

So to make sure the piece can fit into the bigger picture we are trying to build and create together, we must assess each element you'd like to use to make sure the finished result gives that polished trustworthy feel we are both aiming for together.

What do you mean by getting lifetime support from your creative team?

During the process of starting a business or building a brand, it's fair to say a lot of questions are going to pop up.

Now we've been helping build businesses and brands for over 8 years. Some big established companies wanting to take things to the next level and others smaller start ups doing everything from scratch.

Even clients who worked with us back in 2014 still email us or call us with questions on how to develop their business further, generate more revenue or improve processes.

Every client who has invested in The Brand Accelerator Launchpad Program™ is a partner for life. Meaning that your problem is our problem to solve.

We're here to support you and find solutions to the hurdles and challenges you're facing. The value of this type of support has saved our existing clients millions financially and most likely millions of hours in time too.

It's just a little promise, from us to you, that we're here to support you in every way we can.

What if I don't like the experience of the program once I have invested in it?

To be honest, we've never had a client have this problem. But, we're always prepared for something like this happening at all times.

We want to work with clients who are excited to build something great. People who are truly passionate about doing things right and not cutting corners.

The reason we implement milestones within the process is to make sure we are completely aligned at all times of the project and process.

So if you feel at any point during the process like the alignment isn't there for you personally, that's totally fine with us. We'll fully support your decision either way and we'll wish each other luck. No hard feelings.

We'll even still honour our lifetime support promise, just to show how much we appreciate your directness and transparency.

Want to build a world class brand together?


*Takes 2-3 minutes on average

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