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True branding is effectively communicating your company’s values to seamlessly connect with, nurture and create lifelong relationships with existing and new customers.


The beginning of the brand creation process is always the most exciting. The discovery process is all focused around client and agency having an in-depth discussion about the company’s current situation, immediate goals and long term objectives.

Research & Brainstorm

The research process allows us to analyse the landscape in which the business is looking to compete. This phase looks to highlight opportunities for to create advantage.

Soon after, we begin to brainstorm how we can take advantage of those openings and opportunities in order to position the new brand effectively.

Design & Discuss

Once we know the message we need to convey, we begin the process of finding how we can communicate this message visually.

We sketch a range of ideas before confirming the best three and developing them further digitally. Once finished, we carefully explain each in a presentation which is sent to the client for feedback.

Refine & Finilise

After discussing each direction in depth together, we refine the chosen design and bring together the remaining elements.These are then perfectly organised and sent to the client with any ongoing support needed to apply them successfully.

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