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What makes a strong brand name?

All the best brand names are created with 5 key things in mind:


Suggests something about your brand


Creates a familiar association


Aids memory through imagery


Connects with & moves customers


Fits your longterm brand vision


What experience do you have in creating brand names?

Great question! Well we're an international branding agency and work with Startups have multiple millions invested in capital to someone just wanting to start a local brand. We love working with Startups of all shapes and sizes, and we've been lucky enough to help over 1400 clients find their perfect brand name.

Where can I learn more about your process?

You can review our entire process by  clicking here.

What if I feel none of the names work for me?

This has never happened, but the solution is simple. We simply break down why you feel the names don't work, and then we bring together a plan for revisions to solve the issues highlighted. Our only purpose is to find a name which you are confident in & that can help your brand reach its full potential.

How do I book a zoom call with you to discuss further?

Where can I ask questions about your service?

You can direct all questions to and he usually gets back to emails within 12 - 24 hours.

So I want to hire you to develop my brand name. What's next?

Great news! The next step is to  get your free proposal here.

How much is your name development service?

Great question. We know budget can be important.
This all depends on how many names you want us to develop and also other factors such as the type of domain you want and if you need the name to be protectable in multiple countries.

Do you have terms and conditions?

Do you do any other branding services?

We have an internal team of logo designers, web design experts and brand strategists to help you develop your brand identity and strategy from scratch.

Your personal guide to brand naming

Finding the perfect brand name is hard. With this short quiz, we'll let you know the type of brand name which will work best for your business.

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