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Finding the perfect brand name

Finding the perfect brand name is a challenge, unless you understand the step-by-step process we've refined over 8 years.

It enables us to create memorable brand names customers remember and value, without fail.

Every brand is unique. As long as you give us what we need, we'll have a selection of incredible brand names for you to choose from in no time.

That's a promise.

Intro call

All great things start with a nice chat. Nothing fancy. Just a call to find out a little more about you, your business, goals and let you know how we do things too.

It's always good to put a face to a name (pardon the pun).

Scope, Fees & Timeline

The time for organisation, timelines and other fun stuff. We'll design a unique package for you based on your budget and requirements.

This is also a great time to ask questions, or even invite us over for dinner.

*We really love hearty roasts... just incase you were wondering.

Kick-off Workshop

And it's game time!

We're family now, so if you need us for anything at all, please let us know.

We'll kick-off the name development process with a discovery call to discuss your business and vision in depth.

Direction Development

Before we find the perfect brand name, we need to know we're going in the right direction.

We brainstorm a range of different directions and messaging approaches so we can decide which makes the most sense for your business and your future customers.

Direction Sign-off

A milestone in the process to help us discuss each approach and make a educated decision going forward with you.

Once we confirm our direction, we can begin to develop a range of names and ideas based on that specific message and approach.

Name Creation

Now for the magic!

We know what we need to communicate with your name, and now we find how to say it.

We utilise a range of different techniques to brainstorm and develop around 50-60 names for your brand.

The next step means refining those names down to find the strongest options.

Essential Checks

We check each of the 50-60 brand names we create in 3 core areas:

➝ Trademarking
➝ Domain Checks (.com)

This allows us to find the best names to bring to you for your review.

This saves you time and gives you confidence that every name we present is ready to use the moment it is confirmed.

Name Selection

At this point we deliver the best selection of names to you in a well organised presentation.

Each name is rated on:

➝ It's ability to rank on Google easily
➝ It's ability to be protected by trademark
➝ It's uniqueness in your market

We will also suggest 2 affordable domains for each name.

Every domain we suggest is always a .com domain and costs $20 or less.

Setting Everything Up

Once you have the perfect brand name, it's time to move onto of registering your business, processing your trademark application and securing your domain name.

Although we can't do these for you, we are here to help you.

If you need additional support, we can offer packages which include this. Just let us know.

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