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Brand Name Breakthrough Session

Hi, I'm Scott 👋
I'll be your Brand Naming Specialist for our breakthrough session

Before booking, please remember:
✅ Sessions are limited to 1 per client
✅ We only have 30 available sessions per month, so book wisely
✅ If you do not show up for your session, you will not be able to book again

Free 15-Minute Brand Name Discovery Call

We will discuss your answers and Scott will give you actionable advice on the best way to find the perfect name for your brand and how we can help you.

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Indepth 60-Minute Brand Name Development Call - ($495)

We will deep dive into your brand, vision and Scott will personally show you how to develop your own brand name, how to trademark it and find clean .com domain.

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During your 15 minute session, we'll cover:

❤️ How to find a brand name you'll love
💡 Creative & unique ideas for your brand name
💯 How to get the .com domain for any brand name
🧠 The neuroscience behind successful brand names
☺️ How to protect & trademark your new name successfully.

And we can also cover:

💭 How to create memorable names customers will remember
🤔 Why some brand names are stronger than others
📈 How the perfect name can help your brand grow faster
💸 Why better brand names can equal more profit
🚀 Accelerate customer acquisition & optimise conversion