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Our process has helped hundreds of brands find their perfect brand name with matching .com domain.


Developing an impactful brand name always begins with a discovery session. This is where we discuss the character, values and vision the brand has.

We aim to gather as much insight as possible to help us craft a solid idea of where the business is and where it wants to be in future.

Research & Brainstorm

The research phase helps us fully understand the industry in which the company is wishing to compete within. This is to allow us to focus on helping the brand be distinctive and positioned effectively.

We then brainstorm different directions to help create a brand name that is memorable, suggestive and that creates an image in the mind of the customer.

Share & Discuss

Once a range of approaches have been explored, we share these ideas with the client and discuss the strengths of each.

We finalise the discussion by taking 3 forward to the final phase where we check trademarking, matching .com domains and social media handles.

Finalise Elements

After assessing all the three options fully, we will help the client decide on which will serve the company best during the entire lifetime of the company.

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