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Brand Positioning Guide

Brand Positioning Guide


The Ultimate Official Brand Positioning Guide, by Clementine House.

When you have the right brand position, it becomes the driving force behind your business and brand, helping to inform your marketing messages, how your services are shaped, even the way you structure your pricing.

You are more than welcome to browse the internet, read the right books and watch relevant videos on Youtube to source your own information. But we’ve worked with 1000’s of companies over the years and have brought together all the experience and points into a concise and easy to follow guide to allow anyone to understand and develop their own brand positioning for their business.

Our mission for 2018 is to become known as the best source of simplified, effective and actionable content and information, to help businesses of all sizes thrive. No matter what budget.

The E-book is compact, saving you time and effort. No fluff, just all the information and knowledge you need to guide you through developing a successful brand positioning strategy to give your brand the best foundation to grow.

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