Aqua Handy

Brand Design, Naming, Social Media Strategy

A brand on a mission of creating a more sustainable clean water solution through innovation and togetherness

Our discovery session highlighted that the brand identity much be approachable, inspiring and relatable.

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The Clementine House creative team were tasked to work with Aqua Handy in regards to reinventing their brand identity and properly communicating their mission statement. The organisation is a start up focused on utilising high quality Japanese water filtration technology to create a sustainable solution to dirty drinking water. During our discovery session with the Aqua Handy team, we explored a range of different angles in which to approach the project.

We agreed that the brand identity must showcase togetherness, the process of recycling and water. We began experimenting with the idea of droplets and how they can form people. Going more in-depth, we found that we could create a wheel using these droplets if they are strategically placed. The end result communicates the message of people from all backgrounds, ages and sizes coming together to help in the fight against dirty drinking water.

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