AveNew Realty Group

Naming, Brand Design & Strategy

Avenew is a forward thinking property investment firm based in the heart of Bundall, Australia. This project was developed as part of our Brand Accelerator Launchpad Programâ„¢.

The company offered so much, we needed to help them be able to communicate their services in a more organised way visually.

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When Clementine House was approached by the property firm, we discovered that the businesses had outgrown their current strategy. The company's name, brand and overall message was directed towards residential business. To allow the company to begin penetrating the corporate market, they needed to position themselves in a way that ensured they were taken seriously. We began by developing a new name, which suggested both location, property and also a new way of doing things. This was the first step we needed to get right before tackling the brands identity.

We used 4 distinct primary colours to help label the four pillars of expertise Avenue offered clients. This will help clients quickly identify each service and any related content or materials. In regards to the brandmark, we drafted a range of different styles and options before developing an idea based around positivity and enhanced experience. We utilised simplicity to create a property shaped icon which an arrow pointing to the sky, symbolising the limitless steps Avenew will take to ensure client satisfaction.

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