Beth Collier

Brand Design, UX Design & Website Creation

Beth's energy and perfectionism was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process.

We knew Beth was great at creating impactful and actionable content, so we simply had to create the brand and website to allow her work to shine.

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Beth contacted Clementine House's creative team asking to help her in creating a distinctive brand identity and website to generate leads for her business whilst also building a community around her brand. During our discovery session, we established that Beth's long term goal was to be seen as an influential figure in the realms of communication and business. Understanding her end goals and objectives, we got to work in designing a simple brand mark which communicated her energy and passion for what she did.

We opted for a handwritten typeface, complimented by a more modern font for her mantra written below in pastel red. Once Beth's branding was confirmed, she then tasked us with building her responsive website to help share her work and also generate new business. We opted for a platform which meant Beth could fully manage it easily with very little training, leaving her more time to focus on creating content. The new website utilises the same colour scheme and style throughout, whilst also delivering a seamless and enjoyable user experience as you delve deeper and learn more about Beth and her mission.

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