UX Design, Website Creation & Strategy

BlokSec is an innovative software focused on making the digital world safer and more secure.

We were tasked to create an engaging website which clearly explained the features and benefits BlokSec's technology brings to customer's lives.

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Clementine House were asked to manage the redesign of BlokSec's website to make it more clear and appealing to the brand's target audience. During our discovery session with the client, we explained the existing website wasn't properly organised and was littered with technological jargon visitors were not likely to understand. Where having a website is important, we suggested the copy was rewritten by our internal copywriter to make it more approachable and digestible.

We also completely restructured the website to create a seamless user experience. BlokSec were worked with directly to revise their copy, to help it feel more engaging and effective in explaining how the new software worked as opposed to potentially confusing visitors. During the project, we found that the company's long term objectives and strategy shifted, so we diverted halfway through the website build process, with the blessing of founders Mike & Ketan, to a platform which suited their vision and 10 year plan.

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