Connex Global

Brand Naming, Brand Identity & Strategy

Connex is a global business enterprise helping brands connect with other businesses to create new profitable long-term relationships.


The brand needed a name, brand identity and strategy to connect with and be easy to understand for a global audience. The solution was refinement and focusing on what the company does best. The client gave us a very strict and detailed brief which included a range of universal environments which the branding and overall strategy should keep in mind.


Refinement was key to successfully developing the Connex brand. A less is more approach was taken to ensure the brand was able to be applied across any digital or physical element easily and without issue. This was important to the brand for may reasons, but most importantly because they deal with clients from every corner of the globe. So making sure the name and branding was distinctive but simple was always going to be a key factor to the success of the project.


Clementine House successfully developed a refined and minimalist brand around a 6 letter brand name which was ale to be fully trademarked and also managed to secure the brand's clean .com domain for less than $20. The brand is still working with us as we continue to help train their staff, manage their brand's presence and advise on marketing efforts.

Connex approached us to help develop a brand name, identity and strategy which could be respected and understood worldwide.

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Connex contacted Clementine House needing our assistance developing a brand name, identity and strategy which could be used globally and communicate their core offering of helping connect aspiring businesses together. We were briefed with the very specific direction of creating a name and overall brand which was simple and easy to understand globally.

The name had to be 6 letters or less and the logo had to have a universal appeal. This lead us to explore word marks for Connex, as they are very simple and easy to understand. We created a simple connection within the brand mark which tells the story of Connex bringing two companies together to form a fruitful partnership they can both benefit from.

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