Our team explored a range of different directions until we finally brought together this simple yet seamless design. The mark has a levelness about it. It is solid, balanced and reliable. It feels foundational and related to the story of building, just by the shape itself. We decided to utilise a vibrant red to give the brand an unapologetic ora. The finished brand identity echos passion, trustworthiness and confidence.


Everything you want in a construction company responsible for a complex project. Clementine House was approached by DFGC's internal team as the company was growing at a pace where they were beginning to create relationships with European clients. The brief was discussed in-depth and the main focus of the branding was to create a wordmark which was simple, yet distinctive enough to help the construction company stand out as a trusted service provider in the space. We knew we had to create a brand mark that showcased reliability, passion and trust.


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