Brand Identity & Packaging Design

Fonyio is a breakfast brand based in the United Kingdom, who utilise the African grain Fonio to provide gluten-free & sustainable solution to breakfast on the go.

Fonyio approached us to help them develop a world-class packaging system to help them stand out in the saturated breakfast-to-go marketplace.

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Fonyio approached Clementine House to help the brand develop its visual identity and packaging for the 4 initial flavours as part of the companies launch campaign. We worked directly with the brand's founder to develop a fundamental understanding of what motivated her to start the brand in the first place. We discovered a great deal of heart and personally beyond the delicious breakfast recipes they have developed over the years.

We brainstormed and gathered our findings from our discovery session to design a unique and distinctive packaging system which clearly allowed each flavour to shine on it's own, whilst also ensuring the four flavours also looked great together too. The brand mark we later developed for Fonyio was based on our in-depth discussion with Flo, as we understood her main motivation for starting the company was to bring an alternative to porridge to the market. She wanted to give people the benefit of sustainable energy in the morning, but without the heavy stomach oats and porridge usually provides. We are so proud to be part of this brand's journey and look forward to helping Fonyio realise further flavours in future.

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