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Forecight is a revolutionary data protection company leading in digital security.

Clementine House were tasked with developing a brand identity that gave a young brand the credibility and a level of trust only established companies usually enjoy.

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Forecight contacted Clementine House to help develop their branding as the business looks to disrupt a industry very much set in its ways. During the discovery session with the team, we explored a rage of different directions in order to position the company distinctively in the market. Playing on the brand's existing name, we began to craft a story of prediction and safety. An effective narrative we felt the brand mark should tell would be based around Foresight being so good at what they do, they see potential threats coming before they even become a problem.

We sketched a range of different ways to communicate this visually, until finally settling on and refining the concept of triangles. Often used as the shape to suggest 'sight' or 'range of sight' we create a brand mark connecting multiple triangles together to form a unique mark which perfectly symbolises the companies promise to its customers. We married the mark with an minimalist typeface, utilising two different weights to give more sense of balance and originality.

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