Naming, Brand Identity & Strategy

Kingley approached Clementine House to help them name their brand and develop an effective brand identity and strategy to help them launch a new dog food & supplement brand.


The objective for this project was to create a down to earth, but premium, dog related brand which could be positioned in the market as a high-end option for dog food and health supplements. Becuase we got to work with the business from the naming phase, we managed to explore a range of different options and approaches. Each approach was then assessed to see which had the correct balance we were looking for when it came to that premium feel, but which was also relatable and not overly pretentious.


After exploring and testing multiple approaches, we decided to focus more on an approach which brought together the royal aspect of the brand (having high standards and a focus on quality) and also the obvious connection to it being a brand for dog owners. This inspired us to design a wide diverse range of designs bringing together the universally recognised shape of a crown and paw print. Our thought process was if we can somehow merge the the two into a well designed brand icon, the company will be able to effortlessly communicate their values and positioning without much effort. We also wanted to create a completely unique and custom font for the brand, which we called Kingley Bold.


After an in-depth meeting, we finally decided to confirm the name Kingley. The new name was married with the strongest icon from our exploration phase and the two went together perfectly. We were really pleased with how the final name and brand identity design came out, as it helps to communicate exactly what the brand is about in a simple and minimalist way. We are now working with the brand to help design and build their online presence, social media marketing and overall brand strategy to reach their customers in the right way.

Kingley is a premium pet supplement and food company based in the USA. This project was developed as part of our Brand Accelerator Launchpad Programâ„¢.

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Clementine House was tasked with helping Tom develop a premium brand for his new dog food and supplement company. Tom had a very specific idea of the feeling and look he wanted to achieve with his branding in the beginning. So we hosted a range of discovery calls to fully understand his vision for the business and how we can link this to connect well with his target demographic.

We explored a range of names and brand identity approaches before Tom decided on a royal and high-end looking direction which utilises positive association and well known symbols (the crown and paw) to create a truly unique name and brand identity which helps position the brand perfectly. The brand's name helps the brand be seen as royal, having high standards and trustworthy in an approachable way, due to the mouthfeel created by the end of the name.

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