Name Development, Brand Design & Strategy

Litework is a property advertising agency based in New York, United States.

Litework is a real estate company focusing on making board packaging more efficient for their clients, in New York. The brand didn't want to be like every other board packager in the State. Instead, they were looking to position themselves as a premium option in the marketplace. The value Litework would look to provide is a more efficient and stress free service. This is something their clients would happily pay more for.

We helped the company rebrand to 'Litework' as the name suggested the brand can make light work of Board Packaging responsibilities and the company can also 'lighten' the work load of the clients they support. Once we found the ideal brand name, we turned to the brand identity development process, creating a simple but unique word mark focusing around the brand coming across as credible and trustworthy from the moment you lay eyes on the logo.

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