MJO Aesthetics

Brand Design & Strategy

MJO Aesthetics is a local cosmetics clinic which helps empower the confidence of women within the local community.

MJO Aesthetics has been a Clementine House client since 2019 and came to us in need of a rebrand to help position their services as a more trustworthy and premium option in the market. The branding before we were hired was very simple, but did not communicate any form of the brand's personality and also left a lot to be desired in regards to the logos ability to be applied to a different range of environments.

The new branding was developed to give the business complete freedom when using thier branding and also make it more effortless to really make any marketing material look great in little time. The company's business has gone from strength to strength after the rebrand, as they now look more professional and well established in the mind of potential customers.

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