Name Development, Brand Design & Strategy

Neonbloom is a forward thinking social media influencer marketing platform, helping clients promote themselves properly.

Neonbloom got in touch with us with nothing but a unique idea for an agency which helps aspiring influencers to reach their full potential on various popular platforms. The brand's name development was inspired by the agency's unique ability to have a a forward thinking mindset and notice social media trends ahead of time. This could therefore benefit their clients presence grow more effectively on each platform.

Once we confirmed the brand name, we moved on to the new brand identity for the agency. We wanted to communicate that the company was invested in really helping their clients make a huge impact thorough the power of social. This was the core inspiration behind the brand's new logo. We also designed a unique typeface for the company to marry perfectly with the icon and help establish the agency as a trustworthy and credible company from day one.

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