Clementine House was approached by founders James and John to assist in helping them create a new brand name for their new business. The brief was simple yet challenging. The new name needed to feel and look new or modern, whilst also feeling traditional and familiar. The conversation took many directions including exploring Latin translations, marrying two relevant words harmoniously and also completely unique names that played with existing perceptions whilst delivering an enjoyable mouthfeel when said.


We confirmed the name Novello after a creative brainstorming session with John and James, who shortly after asked Clementine House to manage the brands brand identity. From our prior research, it was evident our team had an in-depth understanding of the brand's core values and the messages needing to be communicated. Our design team used the grid system to create a refined brand mark, with a completely custom typeface we quite rightly named 'Novello'. The brand identity has positioned the company strategically between the old and the new.

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