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Oakgate is a new innovative vacation rental agency focusing on becoming the trusted name in holiday rented accommodation.

Clementine House were tasked with creating a brand identity and charming brand name that allowed Kevin to capture his target audiences mind, trust and business.

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Clementine House was approached by entrepreneur Kevin to help him brand and name his new vacation accommodation business, which had recently completed its initial round of investment. He originally planned to bring together the name and a simple logo himself, but after finding it challenging to find a brand name that worked, he asked if we could assist. During our name development process, we began exploring names and words that give a sense of trust and reliability. Oakgate came to light during a conversation with Kevin and his wife, as we agreed the Oak in Oakgate gives a sense of sturdiness and reliability. It also subtly communicates that the company has stood the test of time and that it has heritage, even though it is a brand new company. The Gate element was used to symbolise the welcoming nature of the brand, as visitors would be expecting a warm welcome to the rented vacation home.

The brandmark was developed around the concept of ideal location and the target location everyone wished to book or rent. We created a unique icon to marry perfectly with a charming typeface to give an ideal balance of story and simplicity. The brand colour scheme was selected to compliment the narrative and overall character of the brand, reinforcing the message of trustworthinesses and professionalism. The final brand identity has given Oakgate a powerful presence which can e used consistently across all online and offline assets and marketing efforts.

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