Name Development, Brand Design & Strategy

Ovall is a skincare brand, focusing on developing innovative products to help women achieve perfect skin.

Clementine House was approached to help develop an fun brand name for a new skincare brand, based in Switzerland. The brand's product was a skin massager which soothed and massaged the skin to help keep it healthy and well. We managed the name development process, helping create a range of different options before finally settling on Ovall. The name was focused around the unique shape of the product itself and the smoothness of the skin it can help customers achieve.

Once we had the perfect brand name, we moved onto developing a truly memorable brand identity for Ovall. Using the unique shape of the product again, we designed a unique typeface which helped position the brand as approachable and modern. The technology Ovall is pioneering is both innovative and ahead of its time, so we wanted to encapsulate that, but also showcase it in a way which would resonate with Ovall's target audience more readily.

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