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A refresh for Pure CE, marking a new start in their mission in globally changing business for the better.

The rebrand was needed to help Pure CE to become the worldwide brand it deserves to be

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Pure CE is an advanced and ground-breaking private equity corporation with a mission to identify and evolve conceptual ideas into globally changing businesses. The company came to us with a problem. Their shareholders and investors had warmed to their current logo, but due to the design, it was unable to be utilised properly across all print and digital applications. Our primary focused was ensuring the new branding was versatile, allowing the brand to be consistent throughout all of the organisation's assets. Secondly, we knew that we needed to communicate the brand’s message in a way that was new and fresh, but also with loose relations to the logo they had pioneered for so long.

Clementine House worked closely with the Pure CE’s marketing department to learn both where the new brand would need to be used currently and also in future. This was important, as we needed to understand how the company usually engages to create a brand identity which can effortlessly have an effective conversation in that particular environment. Throughout the branding, the use of white space allows elements to breathe and helps the brand feel open and accessible, which also sets off the primary colour palette. Shortly after delivering the project, the Clementine House digital team were asked to assist the company in designing and developing their new website.

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