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Purecog delivers advanced and highly pertinent technologies addressing a real need for recycling: nothing is ‘waste’- it’s always a resource.

Clementine House were tasked with creating a print campaign for PureCog in their fight against using plastics that harm the planet.

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Our creative team was contacted by PureCog's marketing department to assist in developing two print advertisements for Hotelier & Caterer magazine. The objective for the ads was to capture the attention of business owners and suggesting they resort to more sustainable sources of plastic as opposed to the more harmful ones they are currently using within their business. The Clementine House team set to work on creating a range of different concepts and ideas based around successfully achieving this objective.

From our selection of ideas, we confirmed two to focus our advertisements around. The first would be based around the fact that each person eats on average 70,000 pieces of micro plastics every year. We playfully used the headline "Seabass with a side course of micro-plastic" to capture the attention of readers, adding a short and direct explanation to follow. The second concept was based around time and the fact that business owners who change their business model to suit ethical plastic use will not have to changed by force when more strict regulations are likely put in place in the years to come.

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