Rent Made Simple

Brand Design, UX Development & Website Creation

The theme of simplicity had to be evident throughout all touchpoint. It was important the brandmark set the tone.

The name for the brand tells 95% of the story. Instead of trying to build on that, we took a step back and let the name shine.

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Clementine House were approached by Rent Made Simple to solve their brand identity problem. During our discovery session, we learnt that the company needed to be seen as the approachable experts in the property management space. Their services include taking full responsibility for landlord's properties and subletting those same properties to tenants for a healthy profit. From our research, we knew landlords get approached regarding this type of arrangement on a regular basis, so we had to ensure Rent Made Simple made it easy for Landlords to trust them.

This objective guided the colour palette, as yellow is commonly related to sub-conscious perceptions such as 'sun, happiness and joy'. We then began exploring how we can simply make the brand identity was approachable and down to earth as possible, whilst also positioning the brand as credible and trustworthy. We opted for a word mark, utilising a simple typeface and two separate weights, to create a minimalist logo that suggests what the company does for its clients, making their lives simpler.

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