Clementine House was approached by the creative director at Uking to help their marketing team break the traditional mould many banks use for their branding and communications. After an in-depth discovery session with the new bank's team, we managed to realise some key differences between Uking and every other bank out there. One of the key differences was the bank's focus around customer centricity and enriching communities. Uking is passionate about educating and empowering people to understand finance better, therefore helping them grow their wealth and building a better future for their family.


We took this unique message forward into our brainstorming session, as we wanted to create a distinctive logo which tells the story of a bank who is primarily invested in the people and communicates who have trusted the organisation with their money and savings. The brand-mark we developed communicates this message perfectly, utilising an eye-catching electric green, which helps symbolise the bank's forward thinking approach to business and customer service. The bank's marketing team have continued to work with Clementine House's advertising department to support them in their campaign development and communication strategy going forward.


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