Strategic Branding Meets Neuropsychology

The Day Clementine House Was Born

February 2014, I got a call that changed my life.

I was working at a large branding agency in the north of England at the time, until one day the phone rang.

It was a young woman who was looking for help branding her new business. After discussing her goals and budget, I was excited to help her. But there was a problem. Her budget wasn't enough to work with us.

The agency had a minimum engagement rate of £15,000 and the clients budget wasn't anywhere near that.

I was disappointed, but decided to contact her in the evening and offer to help her anyway.

We worked closely to get her branding perfect and it was actually a really interesting project.

After not hearing from her for 2 months, I received an envelope.

Inside was a cheque for her entire budget (around £4000) and a handwritten note.

The note thanked me for everything I did and then ended with something that I will never forget.

She promised me that if I treat other business owners with the same level of expertise, kindness and care as I did her, I would never struggle to find amazing clients and brands who want to work with me.

So that day, I handed in my resignation and Clementine House Branding Agency was born.

Since then, we've been marrying strategic brand and design with neuropsychology to create memorable brand names, identities and plans to develop startups into desirable brands across the world.  

Clementine House was created to help the startups of the world compete with the established players. Bringing 'big agency' expertise to smaller businesses in a more accessible way.

Scott Lancaster   |    Head of Brand Development
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