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Dream websites, at a fraction of the cost. We've created a new revolutionary way to build world-class websites that look amazing, get you results and don't cost a fortune.

Fully-Branded Websites that Ignite Online Growth

Start with a strategic website that is already stronger than your competitors'. Designed and developed by in-house experts, we build results-driven websites that improve and grow with your business.
Website Design Meets Strategic Expertise

Perfect Online Presence from Day One

Our unique website creation process allows us to plan, design & build beautiful responsive websites in less time. Taking advantage of a unique creative design engine fused with our design expertise, allowing us to pass the savings on to you.

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Website Creation. But Different.

Why Is Our Process Unique?

Our websites improve over time, maximising your results & value.
Step 1


We deep-dive into what you need your website to do for you as a business, setting clear objectives and goals to make growing your brand easier.
Step 2


Using our internal creative engine, we generate a range of website styles and structures to help you meet your specific objectives, allowing you to choose the structure & style you like best in real time.
Step 3


Once your website structure and style is confirmed, your website is fully branded and set up to be perfectly responsive on every device. Once you are 100% happy, your website will be made live.
Step 4


Over a 6-month period, every visitor's behaviour on your website will be measured and recorded. This allows us to fine-tune your website to optimise user experience.
Website Development Packages

Web. Site. Go.

Our packages are designed to efficiently build beautiful websites that evolve & improve over time.

Lead Generation

Perfect if you need a one page website to do it all
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Digital Presence

Best if you need a robust website to look established & trustworthy
Start the process


Best for brands who want an online store to accelerate sales
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What you get
Number of website pages included
How many website pages will be included in your package
One Page
Five Pages
Five Pages & Ten Product Pages
Build your website in real-time session
We'll confirm your strategic objectives, then structure and design your website together in real-time
Fully-responsive website
Your website will look perfect on all devices (mobile & desktop)
Domain connection & website made live
We will connect your domain & get your website live
Social media profiles & email connected
We'll make sure your website connects to you social media & emails
Strategic copywriting across all pages
We will create persuasive copy for every page on your website if you want to maximise results
+ $225
+ $795
+ $895
Website image selection & editing
We will find, format and apply the perfect images across every page of your website
+ $195
+ $495
+ $795
SEO optimisation
Your website will be optimised to rank higher on Google faster
+ $495
+ $495
+ $495
Custom icon design
We'll design custom website icons to make you look even more professional & established
+ $395
+ $395
+ $395
Website Evolution Package (6 month package)
Every visitor's behaviour will be tracked on your website and we will make changes to optimise performance & conversion
+ $795
+ $1295
+ $1295
Monthly blog writing package (4 blog posts per month)
We'll write SEO optimised blog posts for your websites niche to improve your Google ranking & generate relevant website traffic
+ $395
+ $395
+ $395
Additional changes & development (per hour)
Perfect if you need adjustments to your website and you just want to pay hourly
+ $150
+ $150
+ $150
Website management training (1-hour session)
We will teach you how to manage and edit your website easily so you can mamage the website yourself to save money & time in future
+ $395
+ $395
+ $395


Basic features for up to 10 users with everything you need.
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Advanced features and reporting, better workflows and automation.
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Personalised service and enterprise security for large teams.
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Basic features
Individual data
Automated workflows
200+ integrations
Reporting and analytics
Export reports
Scheduled reports
API access
Advanced reports
Saved reports
Customer properties
Custom fields
User access
SSO/SAML authentication
Advanced permissions
Audit log
Data history

Lead Generation

Perfect if you need a one page website to do it all

Digital Presence

Best if you need a professional 5-page website to look established


Best for brands who want an online store to accelerate sales
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Commonly Asked Questions

You'll Ask. So We're Answering.

We've been asked the same questions for 10+ years. So we made it easy to get the answers you need.

How can you promise I'll get a brand name I love?

We've been helping founders find great brand names for over a decade. Over that time, we've got pretty good at what we do. Our secret is the fact we really see every project as a partnership. So your vision with our proven process & creativity is often all we need to find a name you truly love.

What makes your brand naming process unique?

Our process has 4 steps:

Discover > Develop > Discuss > Decide

First, we discover what makes your brand special & why customers should buy from you. Second, we develop names around that specific message & positioning. Third, we will discuss which names are best based on a range of important factors. Then we will decide which name has the most potential together to make sure you have the best name for your business.

What happens if you can't find a great brand name for me?

Can I discuss my project with you before purchasing a package?

Yes, we actually suggest this. You can book your free 15-minute discovery session below This makes sure we’re a perfect fit for each other before we start the brand naming journey together.

How can you guarantee a .com domain for $20 or less?

Because we're awesome!

ha Joking. Or are we...?

We have creative ways of finding amazing brand names & matching domains to suit your specific requirements. We know money is tight when starting a business, so finding a great domain which is nice and cheap can really help you save your budget.

Where can I see more of your work?

You can browse some recent client projects we have worked on by clicking below.

How can I be sure my new name can be trademarked?

We partner with professional trademark specialists across the world to carry out trademark research for your business and specific trademark classes you want to protect your business within. Our team can conduct checks in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia & the Middle East.

How much brand development experience do you have?

Myself & my team have 30+ years of brand development experience combined. We've personally been developing brands (big & small) for well over a decade. Agency owner & director, Scott Lancaster, worked inside a large brand development agency before starting Clementine House Branding Agency in 2014.

Where can I find out more about your pricing & packages?

Our pricing is super transparent and easy to find at the bottom of every service page when viewing our website on a desktop or laptop.

What happens in our Strategic Brand Positioning Session?

We'll discuss two key areas: Your brand strategy & your personal preferences. By fully understanding your vision for your brand and personal taste in-depth, this allows us to create brand names that not only position your brand competitively, but that you can also be proud of, love personally and be 100% confident in.

What happens in our Logo Brainstorming Session?

Every element of your brand should 'dance together' perfectly, so it's important we keep this in mind during the naming process. Part of deciding on which name is best comes down to how it will look as a logo. We have packages which include logo & brand identity design which can be explored in our pricing section on this page.

What are the next steps after I purchase?

We'll begin with our Strategic Brand Naming Session. After we fully understand our objectives and what you want to achieve, we'll get started developing your first round of brand names. We also recommend clients book a call with us before purchasing to make sure we are a great fit for each other.

What if I have any questions?

If you have a question, you can either contact us using the button below. Or you can book a 15 minute Discovery Call with us to see if we are a great fit for each other and to ask questions.


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