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How Gymshark built a billion dollar brand

Published on
April 2, 2023
Scott Adam Lancaster
Brand Development Expert
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If brand is a gut feeling, how do we create it?

Most brand strategists have no idea how 'brand' is created.

They just want to make something that 'looks nice' and send clients on their way.

The great Marty Neumeier states that brand is a ‘gut feeling’.

But it’s how that gut feeling is created which many ‘branding specialists’ don’t understand.

A page from the great book 'The Physics of Brand'.

The book ‘The Physics of Brand’ only has 85 reviews on Amazon, and is in the top 5 books I’ve read in my life.

It should be a must read for anyone wanting to build a powerful brand (and 100% for anyone planning on being a brand strategist).

It breaks down the science of how these ‘gut feelings’ are created.

How to build 'brand' in the simplest way possible

By creating experiences and generating emotion, which then is logged as memory, this can eventually become revenue and profit.

So if you’re wondering how to ‘build a brand’, you MUST focus on these two things:

1. Create experiences for your target audience.

2. Connect with them on an emotional level.

How Gymshark built their brand to be iconic

The best example of this I’ve seen by any startup was Ben Francis and Gymshark many years ago.

By inviting influencers to a bodybuilding event, they created an emotional experience with potential customers, when then generated energy (excitement and engagement) which resulted in Ben making over 30k in just half an hour.

I’m not saying this will happen for everyone, but it’s a prime example of how to build ‘brand’ as opposed to just creating a product and popping some clever ads up on Facebook.

Create positive emotional experiences with your customers.

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