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We develop strategic brand names for Startups

Clementine House is an international strategic brand name development agency, specialising in creating highly memorable names for ambitious Startups.

Every brand name we carefully develop is designed to position you effectively in your marketplace, in a unique and memorable way.

We work with passion, intelligence and — above all — a personal commitment to every Startup who trusts us to help them find the perfect name for their brand and vision.

Discover Our Full Process

What makes a brand name great?

All the best brand names are created with 5 key things in mind:


Suggests something about your brand


Creates a familiar association


Aids memory through imagery


Connects with & moves customers


Fits your longterm brand vision


How many brand names have you created?

At the end of last month, we'd created 1493... to be precise.
We also have over 500 Five-Star reviews on Fiverr, which you can read below.

What if I don't like the names you develop?

Our tried & tested process leaves very little room for error. And to be honest, this has never happened. But after delivering your names, we discuss them with you in depth to help you make the best decision possible. We are more then happy to explore other options, until we find the perfect solution for your business.

Can you guarantee you'll find the best brand name?

Our tried and tested process has been refined over the last 7 years and has helped us create over 1400 brand names that are living and breathing out in the world today. We've never failed once, simply because we don't stop until the perfect brand name is found.

How long will it take to find my brand name?

On average, our unique process takes around 5-7 days (including all checks). But if you opt for our Brand Name Creation Masterclass and develop your own brand name, we've had clients find their brand name in a few hours.

Do you check trademark databases too?

Yes, we make sure all trademark directories are checked so there are no similar names to the ones we develop for you.

What if I just need some help creating my own brand name?

Then our Brand Name Creation Masterclass will be perfect for you. It guides you through our tried and tested process and allows you to use our methods to find your name on your own.

Where can I see some of the names you've created?

You can browse some recent client projects we have worked on by clicking below.

What if I have any questions?

If you have a question, you can simply click the button below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


461 Reviews

Andrew Gilliland


When I tell others about Scott (which I do frequently), it’s challenging not to include the words “creative genius” to describe my experiences working with him and his company Clementine House. Truly, Scott is one of the most creative and focused people I’ve worked with.

Scott and I have had the privilege of working together on various e-Commerce projects, and his level of professionalism, quality, transparency, and communication are unmatched.

Shawn Ershad

Forecight Cyber Security

I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Scott and the Clementine House team. We had the pleasure of working with Scott and his firm collaborating on numerous large branding and marketing projects.

Scott is a genuine expert, branding genius, and powerhouse in the world of marketing.

Dean Smith


Scott is highly motivated and passionate about everything I have seen him focus on throughout the time we've known each other.

My biggest observation is that when he has an idea, he is meticulous, includes his network for support and truly gives it his all.

Shimon Miah


It was a pleasure working with Scott and Brander on a brand identity project that we had worked on together. Scott is a highly skilled and very knowledgeable when it comes to branding and design. His eagerness to please those he works with was excellent and I would definitely recommend anyone wanting to build a great brand to (at the very least) arrange to have a conversation with him.

Jessica Perez

Get The Look

We were very happy with the name proposals. Scott and his team are very fast, great in communication and timekeeping.

The results were professional, unique and met perfectly our requirements. I can totally recommend working with Scott!

Jack Rodriguez

iHop BBQ Sauce

Scott was fantastic! He showed up prepared and focused to talk about my project, provided a great overview, and asked thoughtful/engaging questions.

Scott is very genuine, articulate, and knowledgeable about what goes into creating a great brand. I would 1,000% recommend anyone looking to create a real brand talk to Scott.

Jonas Haskins

Truwells Fitness

Had a great experience working with scott. While the process is straightforward, he’s been actively replying and doing his utmost best to deliver a brand name that will suit our product’s nature and target market the best. Would 100% recommend, glad working with you and hope to work with you again.

Lyodd Harris

Urualite Accessories

Great experience! When you start the package you'll have to answer a few questions about your business, competitors, which brands you like and which you don't...

The more in detail you go in answering those, the more they understand your brand, your preferences to get awesome results like I did. They answer always super fast when you have questions and they also heavily over-delivered on what I had ordered.

Amanda Diaby

Culture Studios

Absolutely wonderful and definitely worth the price! They came up with the perfect brand name for our business and went above and beyond to help us! Thank you!

Laura Clarke

Dig Inclusion

Thank you Scott and team! Great work! They captured well the idea and proposed great options for my brand! Outstanding communication and customer service. Fully recommend his services!

Augusta Sutherland

Oaklake Residential Homes

I had an excellent experience working with this provider. They paid detailed attention to our notes and feedback, were lightning-fast with responses, and really took the time to understand the brand and come up with something that reflected our identity.

Melkis Espinal

Assenta Security

I had a very fluent and goal-oriented communication with Scott. We got more different brand name options than we ordered, so we can choose from more variety of possibilities. The names came also together with their meaning / purpose, so there was background information about where it comes from.

Mauro Beck

Adiantes Manufacturing

"Very constructive communication, clear and concise. Made me feel confident that our business' growth and brand name is in the best hands. I'm looking forward to continue the process and continue building my brand with Scott and his team at Clementine House."

Rigo Durani

Insyte Digital

Scott was great. He asked very detailed questions and worked well within the requirements we gave for our brand name. He went above and beyond by offering more names and name alternatives to what the order included.

Would definitely use him again, if you're trying to figure out what to name your brand, save yourself the time and leave it to someone who specializes in branding. The investment was worth it.

Carolyn Yarbrough

House & Homely

Very professional and very friendly. Took lot of time to understand our requirements and gave answers and the solution Scott gives will solve many problems not only with finding the brand name and logo also about improving the new business for future. He keeps on asking to ask questions since he wants to give lot of information in small time.

Maya Harrison

Socialyte App

What can I say about this company and service, truly excellent and way beyond my expectations. Scott did an outstanding job by providing me a fully detailed analysis of brand names based off my brief. Communication was fluid and on point. Definitely money well invested. Thanks Scott.

Imogan Kelly

Knights Real Estate

Scott and his team went above and beyond for me, delivering more than I paid for. The communication was amazing throughout which made the whole process so much easier.

Malachi Currie

Airey Miller

I have been working with Scott over the past couple of months whilst building my brand and it's been a great experience.

The entire brand development process has been smooth, particularly in regards to bring together a brand strategy and visual expression which is effective and makes complete sense.

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