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Our Digital Launchpad+ Program gives brands the strategic web presence they need to grow their business & drive sales

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Results driven digital solutions

Effective digital assets that work hard for you every single day, helping generate sales and build trust with your customers. We develop great looking fully branded solutions that drive results.

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Helping your brand succeed online

Everything founders need to succeed with digital branding and marketing their brand online.

Beautifully strategic design

Your website is like a digital employee for your business for free. It must look great & work hard to generate sales, 24 hours a day. Invest in a strategically designed asset which converts website traffic into paying customers, without you lifting a finger.

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Results focused. Always.

Our program helps founders define specific goals, so we can help them build a strategic digital assets to help them get the results they need, grow and eventually scale.

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Trusted by Google & friends

Converting website traffic into paying customers can only happen if they can find you. So making sure your website's SEO is on point, so you can be found on Google and other search engines, is important if your website is going to be given its chance to shine.

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Stand out & dominate online

Most businesses use their website to just tell customers what they do. This leaves you as just another option and not the perfect choice your customer needs. How we position your offer and connect with your website traffic matters. It can be the difference between you struggling to get business and struggling to keep up with demand.

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Do clients enjoy working with us?

I think it's only fair we let our clients tell you in their own words...

"When you work with larger firms, you pay to cover all their overheads. Clementine House offered a very substantial package for a very reasonable price. I was blown away with the results."

"I invested in the program was just because of the dialogue. You listened and understood what we were trying to do, the product and the journey that we were on. There's always steady progress."

"I really don't think we'd be where we are at right now with our brand if we didn't start with you. Scott really cares. He's thoughtful and at the very top of his game."

"It's like the difference between Toyota & Lambrogini. Best money I have ever spent on my business without question. I feel like I'm robbing you paying what I paid for this."

Need a website that gets results?

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"When I had my first call with you, I could tell you knew your stuff. I loved how everything from my new logo, website and overall brand was all done in-house. Everything is consistant and I'm proud of what we've created."

"When you're in the wilderness of building a brand, you need someone to pioneer the path forward so you don't go down the wrong path. You laid out the roadmap. Incredible experience."

"Clementine House has that personal touch that helps projects come alive that I've never experienced with the dozens of other agency partners which we've engaged in the past."

"It's more of a partnership as opposed to hiring somebody else. Every email you sent was valuable. I felt like you really wanted to understand the business and offer the best possible service."

"It was how much you cared for me. I felt like you took time to understand what we were doing. You put your thoughts and passion into it. No one else does that."

"As creative as I want to be, what I want to create won't give me the design, marketing perspective and physchology behind making sure everything will work. You had the system to help my project succeed."

"The most valuable thing was how your broke everything down and the results were there too. If I tried doing this myself, it would have taken so much longer sand the results just wouldn't have been there. I've had a lot of leads and contacts since working with you."

Our Digital Launchpad+ Program Packages

Our packages are designed so you can find a solution that suits you perfectly.

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Sharing our expertise is just a simple way of us giving back to the 1400+ clients who've trusted us over the last 10 years. We hope our articles can help you too.

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