Assett Accounting

Brand Naming, Brand Identity & Brand Strategy

Assett Accounting is an ambitious firm looking to use new software and processes to offer a seamless and cost effective accounting service to clients. This project was developed as part of our Brand Accelerator Launchpad Program™.


Clementine House was approached to by the accountancy as they struggled to scale and grow their business due to the current branding not matching the experience customers expected. The companies presence at the time was dated and over 13 years old. However the business had invested heavily in processes which provided a modern and seamless client experience. There was a disconnect, which confused the customer.


We renamed the business to reposition the brand as more forward thinking and modern. Assett Accountacy was chosen as it resonated with the business' core values of being valuable to their clients and helping them scale and grow. We echoed this brand message with the brand's identity and strategy, developing a distinctive icon which shows two beams of upward travelling light, symbolising growth and profitability.


The accountancy experienced a far more seamless experience onboarding new clients and also managed to increase their fees by 17% due to being able to communicate the benefits of hiring the accountancy in a more effective way. We continue to work with Assett on a consultancy basis and they have also booked to work with Clementine House later in the year to help them refine and redesign their website and digital strategy.

The accountancy firm's original branding did not match the brand's modern ways of working. Their innovative systems and way of working provided a better experience for clients. This had to be communicated throughout the brand's assets and presence.

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Asset Accounting came to Clementine House to reinvent their branding after struggling to onboard new clients due to a disconnect between the business' dated brand identity. We developed a range of different approaches for the brand's name, but settled on Assett as it felt communicated both the service and the brand's focus of being a valuable asset to the client's they serve.

The company continued to work with us to help them develop a distinctive brand identity. We developed a unique brand icon which ties in perfectly with the company's focus to support clients to allow them to reach their full potential as a business. The use of orange was a little nod of respect to the company's previous branding which used orange as the main colour.

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