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Dynamalabs is a fitness startup based in Sydney, Australia. The business focuses on developing fitness equipment which can be used for traveler's and on the go, helping them to optimise health and reach their full potential. The brands products are developed using the latest in science and research.


An Australian based fitness Start Up focusing on creating high quality exercise equipment which is portable and can be used anywhere, anytime. We were approached by Founder, Gurdeep, to help him develop a brand name, communication strategy and visual identity for the new brand. After our strategic discovery call, we understood that the brand's market was saturated, which meant we had to approach the naming and communication process in a more creative and distinctive way.


We explored many names and brand identity directions, and after a range of trademark screenings, Dynamalabs encapsulated the core story and message which Gurdeep and his team wanted to convey to consumers. The brand managed to secure the .com domain, and we created a unique brand mark for the business which could be easily applied to any environment effortlessly. The logo communicates the fitness journey people will enjoy once integrating Dynamalabs as part of their life and habits.


I knew there was an art and science to branding, so getting the guidance I needed to get everything right first time gave me peace of mind. The process was organised, smooth and I always felt like I knew what was going on.

Gurdeep Bhatti | Dynamalabs™
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