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Olunna is a health insurance company based in Texas, United States. After 2 failed attempts at branding the business, the business reached out to Clementine House to help them get their name, brand identity and positioning perfect.


Chandler approached Clementine House after a string of unsuccessful naming and branding efforts which was delaying the launching of this heath insurance agency. Luckily Chandler got in touch and we were able to guide him through our frameworks to help him find a great brand name for his business, an available .com domain ( and bring the brand to life visually across all physical and digital environments.


We helped Chandler to navigate the brand development stages by first understanding what made his agency special, which became clear when we realised how personal and innovative his service was in a tired and stale market of health insurance. This inspired the name Olunna, meaning a new moon or new way of doing things in Latin. We then designed a memorable and eye-catching logo system to give the brand a visual identity to help the brand express its brand message across all applications.


"I'd tried twice before finally doing it right with Clementine House. The level of detail you guys went into is unmatched. The communication was amazing and I could tell you guys really know your stuff. I've finally got a brand I can be proud of and the results speak for themselves."

Chandler Weeks | Olunna™
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