Name Development, Brand Design & Strategy

Skywells is a forward thinking energy company looking to empower America through solar technology. This project was developed as part of our Brand Accelerator Launchpad Programâ„¢.

The brand wanted to create a brand mark which communicated their passion for a sustainable future.

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Clementine House was approached by the energy company, Skywells, to help communicate their message focused around their efforts in making a more sustainable future. During our discovery session, we discussed a range of approaches, however during the brainstorming stage we instantly knew which brandmark shone brightest. We focused our energy on developing a unique and distinctive brandmark based around an infinity symbol.

The message is simple but clear and easy to understand. Most importantly, it allowed the company to expand their product and service range later on. The logo lends itself beautifully to any application and allows the brand to brand any marketing or branded effort they wish with great ease. Skywells is currently turning over 5 million dollars a year and is growing at a healthy rate. But most importantly, they are helping thousands of households save on their energy bills every year by switching to smarter solar solutions.

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