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Somerset hosts a range of offerings utilising innovative technology to create customer-centric experiences, helping bring brands and their customers closer together. The company partners with brands to help them understand their customers better, enhance the experience to improve customer satisfaction, and pioneer new data-driven decisions.


Somerset Holdings board of directors are world-renowned experts in their respective fields. All technologies and services developed by Somerset are truly cutting edge. Somerset Holdings reached out to Clementine House to help in developing their new brand identity to help position them effectively within the market. After an in-depth discussion with Somerset’s team, we understood the core message the company wanted to communicate. Our team refined the brand’s character to three simple words to help direct our identity development process. Innovation. Technology. Customer Focused.


Clementine House began drafting a range of potential brand marks, each showcasing the core three messages uniquely. After an extensive selection process, the team confirmed a concept focused around the brand’s customer-centric business model. However, the colour palette chosen allowed the new identity to both community innovation sub-consciously whilst also helping the brand stand out in a crowded industry. The new design showcases each of the core values Somerset Holdings embraces.


'We were really pleased with how the the team helped us find our brand name and messaging. We then hired them to help us bring our brand identity together. Unsurprisingly, they did a great job with that too. Highly recommend to any tech company really wanting to get their branding right and make a great first impression with their target audience.'

Peter Drummond | Somerset Marketing Manager
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