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Wellbudds approached us to help develop their brand from scratch, including their name, brand identity, digital presence and overall strategic objectives & tactics.


The business came to us with the vision of creating a wholesome and credible brand which could be seen as a trustworthy B2B supplier and also a household, down to earth B2C brand. We discussed many ways this could be approached, before settling with the brand name Wellbudds and exploring highly distinctive and unique logos focused around approachable fonts and cannabis leaf icons.


We wanted to create an overall style and identity which helped position the company as an approachable brand which is easy to relate to and also gives a 'crafted' feel. The brand does not want to be a mass producer of cannabis, but more so focusing on small batches and producing the highest quality unique cannabis strains on the market. We have also strategically positioned the brand as being highly desirable by limiting the number of vendors they work with. This suggests their product is in high demand, which will naturally allow the business to be more profitable.


The brand's entire look and feel effortlessly suggests that they aren't your average cannabis supplier. This was the key to our development all along. We wanted to make sure that the brand had room to grow beyond the B2B focus they have for the businesses initial 12-18 month plan. We set in place a strategy which will help carry the brand through from their original positioning of being the high quality cannabis supplier working with select vendors to becoming the brand and name known and loved by cannabis users across the United States.

Wellbudds is a high quality cannabis supplier, working with select vendors throughout the USA. This project was developed as part of our Brand Accelerator Launchpad Programâ„¢.

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Clementine House was asked to work with the team at a new cannabis company to help position and brand the business around becoming the household name for small batch high quality cannabis and strains. The brand explained their long term vision of being a B2C business after they lay a foundation as being the most respected B2B cannabis supplier in the USA. The brand's name and brand identity had to both be credible and trustworthy from a B2B standpoint, but also not be overly serious and corporate to allow the brand to venture into merchandise and other B2C related product lines later on.

We explored many names and brand identity directions, but the final result allowed the brand to stand out whilst also 'fitting in' to a very competitive industry & market. We then began development of the brand's website and digital presence. An objective focused website to help the business grow and scale from a B2B standpoint, whilst also effortlessly being able to transition to a B2C website too in future when they are at that stage.

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