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A new cannabis company approached Clementine House to help name, brand and strategically position their small-batch high quality cannabis offering. During the discovery phase, it was suggested the brand should come across as relatable and friendly, but also have a wholesome craft feel to it. This inspired us to explore a range of different approaches to get the balance right for Ian as his team.


We explored many names and brand identity directions, and after a range of trademark screenings, Wellbudds was the strongest name which helped us capture that wholesome crafted feel and stand out whilst also 'fitting in' to a very competitive industry & market. The brand managed to secure the .com domain, We then began development of the brand's website, digital presence and communication strategy. An objective focused website & brand story to help the business grow and scale from a B2B standpoint, whilst also effortlessly being able to transition to their B2C offering within the next 48 months.


Ian Woodward-Smith | Wellbudds™

"I was invested in the system because of the dialogue we had together. You listened and understood what we were trying to do, the product and the journey that we were on. I felt in control, but you guided me & gave me options."

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