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Why did Burberry rebrand in 2023 (again)

Published on
February 11, 2023
Scott Adam Lancaster
Brand Development Expert
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Why did Burberry rebrand after just 5 years?

Well there's a very valuable branding lesson here...

The rebrand was part of a shift in creative direction due to a change in Creative Director, Daniel Lee taking over the saddle from Riccardo Tisci a few months ago.

As Lee obviously has his own vision for Burberry, he's likely reminded us of a very important lesson in brand building too.

Burberry's logo evolution from 1901 to 2023

How old is the Burberry logo?

The iconic Burberry logo of a knight and horse has over 120 years of history, dating back to 1901 when the brand was called 'Burberrys'.

What Lee may have realised is that the power of history and the brand's DNA was always an integreal part of what made Burberry great.

Why did Burberry go back to their original logo?

That logo was a symbol of not only what Burberry is today, but what the brand has stood for for over a century.

Using our brand codes as part of our creative expression and brand communication strategy can help the consumer understand who we are as a company and why they should desire us.

How has their marketing changed?

Burberry also leaned on trendy British talents to remind us of the brand's English roots. The England we all love and are proud of. I love this rebrand and everything that is going to come with it. It feels like Burberry is back to its classic roots and has finally come home.

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