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What is the 'One-Piece Brand Jigsaw Hurdle'?

Published on
December 12, 2023
Scott Adam Lancaster
Brand Development Expert
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So what is the 'One-Piece Brand Jigsaw Hurdle'?

This is a common struggle Founders face when trying to find a great name for their brand, product or company.

It entails the natural human instinct to compare what we have with what is already out there or what others have.

In the context of brand naming, a Founder may subconsciously compare the ideas for a brand name they have with other names out there in the market already.

They may also fail to see a names potential due to just seeing the name as a single element as opposed to their brand name working together with the other elements of the brand's identity to create a strong overall presence.

A 'One-Piece Brand Jigsaw Hurdle' example

Let's imagine the brand Apple never existed for a second.

And someone started a computer company tomorrow and called it Apple.

The name Apple to the everyday person as a single element would mean absolutely nothing.

Even with the logo it has today, it would still mean nothing.

And this is because of the way the human brain creates perceptions around brands initially.

How we neurologically process brand names

Unless a brand name

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