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Assenta was a new business providing security software to supermarkets and other large retail businesses to help protect thier customers payments. The company wanted to communicate that they helped to improve the retailers payment security and be seen as an established brand from day one.


Assenta hired Clementine House branding agency to help the company develop a truly unique and distinctive brand name & identity that was memorable, could be pronounced easily and positioned the brand as a forward thinking software solution to help retailers secure and protect customer payments. The team briefed us that they wanted the identity and naming to be simple, minimalist and innovative. It needed to look dynamic, but in a technological sense.


After developing name ideas and directions we developed Assenta, focusing on the brand's core message and story of ascending their client's payment security which enables them to provide a safer experience for their customers. The company wanted a minimalist and eye catching brand mark which helped instantly communicate the brands goal of elevating and improving clients payment safety for their customers. We designed a dynamic word mark, focused around this unique positioning Assenta wanted to capture in their market. The brand also hired us to help them develop a strong digital presence, to allow them to be seen as an established and trustworthy business by target clients and supermarkets across the United States.


"The process we were guided through by the Clementine House team was nothing short of remarkable. Scott and his team helped to perfectly represent the software we offer the market in the form of a perfectly crafted name, messaging strategy & brand identity. I look forward to working with Clementine more in future."

Melkis Espinal | Assenta Managing Director
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