Assenta Security

Brand Naming, Brand Identity & Website Design

Assenta is a forward thinking brand empowering supermarkets through their innovative and secure card payment system. This project was developed as part of our Brand Accelerator Launchpad Programâ„¢.


Clementine House was approached to by the company's board of directors to help rebrand the business after a failed launch attempt. The brand had been developed internally and there were a range of inconsistencies and issues with the brand's communication which limited it's ability to win over more established supermarkets.


We rebranded the business from the ground up, repositioning the brand as one which empowers clients as opposed to simply offering a series of features for supermarkets to use. The new message is one of 'making the client's business better and life easier'. The new brand communicates that the software will enhance your customers experience, instead of focusing on security and safety.


The final result impacted the brand instantly, helping the company win two large clients within the first 2 weeks of applying the rebrand. By crafting a compelling message and value proposition, the company was able to 5x previous annual revenue in just 3 months. We are still working with Assenta Security in helping them market their offering in an effective way.

Assenta's challenge was positioning itself as a forward thinking tech company which was credible and trustworthy enough to service the biggest supermarkets in America.

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Assenta hired Clementine House branding agency to help the company develop a truly unique and distinctive brand name that was memorable and could be pronounced easily. After developing name ideas and directions we developed Assenta, focusing on the brand's core message and story of ascending their client's security to a high quality solution which enables their clients to provide a safer experience for customers.

We also helped the brand develop their brand identity. The brief was simple and direct. The company wanted a minimalist and eye catching brand mark which helped the customer instantly identity the brand's unique product range when seen. We designed a simple and original logo, focused around the brand's style and unique positioning in their market. The brand also hired us to help them develop a strong digital presence, to allow them to be seen as an established and trustworthy business by potential clients and supermarkets across the United States.

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