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BBQ-AID is an American born BBQ company, developing high-quality tools to help bring people together with a love for BBQ. The company was struggling with their positioning and overall presence, needing renaming and a new brand identity due to their failure to capitalise on the opportunities they had identified in the market.


Clementine House has been working alongside BBQ-AID since the beginning of 2020, firstly helping them revisit their brand identity and overall visual expression. Their existing logo was out-dated and was difficult the balance when applying to a range of environments. By taking the time to discover what truly makes BBQ-AID unique from their competition, we settled on an approach which echos a confidence in simplicity. The new brand mark was designed with balance and application in mind, utilising a distinctive grilling pattern to help the mark stand out.


Once we completed the brand identity development for the brand, we were then asked to continue working with BBQ-AID as part of their internal operations to assist them in reaching a range of business objectives, one of which being to increase their Shopify sales conversion and customer average order value (AOV). This required the brand to refine their communication strategy, website design and overall approach to advertising. We continue to be supportive in BBQ-AID's efforts leading up to 2023 and couldn't be prouder to be part of such a captivating journey.


"Clementine House has that personal touch that helps projects come alive that I've never experienced with the dozens of other agency partners which we've engaged in the past. They helped us take BBQ-AID to a whole new level and helped us navigate through some difficult challenges we were facing internally. Creative genius sums up the experience you can expect from these guys."

Andrew | BBQ-AID Managing Director
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