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Flobottle is a innovative water bottle, which has a hidden compartment to hold life essentials and other small items. This project was developed as part of our Brand Accelerator Launchpad Program™.


The brief for this project was simple. Let's build a meaningful brand for a brilliant product which can help and empower people to embrace the power of flow in their day. The brand came to us with nothing but a fantastic product, a clear vision and a great deal of trust.


Clementine House worked with the company in regards to every aspect of the brand building process. We developed their brand name, brand identity, marketing & influcenr strategy, website design, an email campaign for their launch and we also assisted in directing their creative team to capture incredible lifestyle and creative shots for the brand.


Flobottle attended a local Jiu Jitsu convention to connect with one of their target demographics and ended up selling the vast majority of their available stock before going online. Customers were blown away by the quality of the product and the mission of the brand. The brand also generated close to $10,000 online in their first month in business. But most importantly, they are investing in and empowering the athletes of tomorrow to follow their dreams.

FloBottle approached Clementine House Branding Agency in the concept phase of the business, with nothing more than an idea for a water bottle which allowed the owner to store essentials inside and live a more convenient life. We worked with founders, Bobby & Rex, to help them develop the brand name Flobottle, positioning the bottle as a solution to help make the customers life 'Flow Better' as a result of having all their key items stored in one place.

Once we found the perfect name for the product, we moved on to developing an impactful brand identity for FloBottle. The icon for the brand communicated the core message of the product in a simple and minimalist way. A small rectangle was used to symbolise the compartment at the base of the bottle, which was then balancing a water droplet on top to link with the core purpose of the bottle itself.

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