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Hivefeed hired Clementine House branding agency to help the company develop a truly unique and distinctive brand name that was memorable and could be pronounced easily. After developing name ideas and directions we developed Hivefeed, focusing on the brand's core message and story of the agency being able to help clients attract new customers for their clients through the power of social media advertising.


We also helped the brand develop their brand identity. The brief was simple and direct. The company wanted a minimalist and eye catching brand mark which helped the customer instantly identity the brand's unique product range when seen. We designed a simple and original logo, focused around the brand's style and unique positioning in their market.


Roberto | Hivefeed Marketing Agency™

"We needed to rebrand due to a trademark issue with our previous name, so we hired Clementine House to help us navigate through the process of a rebrand and to ensure we never had any issues with trademarks in future. The team were really helpful, thoughtful and exceeded all expectations when it came to creative input and guidance. The results speak for themselves."

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