Rapid Funds

Name Development, Brand Design & Strategy

Rapid Funds helps fund plaintiffs’ trial lawyers handling any contingency fee matter, across the USA. This project was developed as part of our Brand Accelerator Launchpad Program™.

The brand wanted to create a brand identity and strategy to effectively position the business as a partner in the world of funding plaintiffs’ trial lawyers.

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Clementine House was approached by Rapid Funds to help them craft a unique brand identity which helped showcase their unique approach to business and relationships. The company is backed by a multi-billion-dollar internationally known institutional investment firm, allowing them to be agile and direct in their efforts to support lawyers. During our kick-off call, we discovered two reasons Rapid Funds' clients chose the brand to help them. They chose the brand because they felt like the company had their back in their time of need. We took this concept and ran with this message. Positioning the Rapid Funds brand as one which is approachable, professional and also invested in every case they settle and fund.

We developed a well-rounded brand strategy for the company, allowing them to communicate in a way which helped them stand out in their industry. Disregarding the common cookie-cutter clean cut approach, we opted for a message of partnership and support as opposed to simply focusing on professionalism and being results driven. This naturally inspired the brands identity and visual expression, helping us create a truly distinctive brand profile which has set the brand up for success in the near and distant future.

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