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Sunwells is a home improvement company focusing on window and door insulation, as well as offering solar related products and services. The company wanted to present themselves as a trustworthy and approachable brand in the space. Their motto was to focus on educating the customer and allowing them to make the best decision for themselves.


Rodrigo approached Clementine House to help him rebrand his business and make it feel more professional and to help him position the brand more effectively. He wanted to have the brand be seen as a supportive and helpful advisor in the home improvement space. At the time, the brand was poorly designed and looked like any other brand in the market. They had no unique story or reason for the customer to choose them over the competition.


We worked with Rodrigo and his team to understand what makes their brand truly special. After our strategic session, we realised the nature and sales approach they take is very different to other companies in the industry. Where other businesses are focused on generating as much profit and revenue as possible, Rodrigo is pure and he truly wants to do the best for the customer. We wanted to develop a brand name and brand identity that symbolised this refreshing and trustworthy approach. We wanted to create a brand that ultimately left the customer feeling educated and comfortable with Sunwells and the services they offer.


"Scott and his team was more than just an agency. They were a partner during the branding process. He was with me every step of the way and I would have paid 3 x as much for the service and the quality of the end result. I've worked with agencies in the past and I've never experienced a level of partnership and expertise in the realms of branding. A true asset."

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