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Laundar is a software development company empowering laundries & dry cleaners to provide a better customer experience through the power of technology. This project was developed as part of our Brand Accelerator Launchpad Programâ„¢.


Clementine House was approached to help name and brand a new company offering software and customer management solutions to laundry and dry cleaning related businesses. Our challenge was to position the brand in a unique way which allowed the customer to understand exactly what the brand offers in a simple and memorable way.


We developed the name Laundar (using the purposeful misspelling approach) and managed to secure the clean .com domain for the client for under $500. This was a great investment as the domain itself was worth over $1300. Our approach in regards to the brand's visual expression was focused on communicating that the software solution helps make your customers experience simpler and faster.


Clementine House worked with Laundar on various brand related elements, including their website and landing page, brand strategy, printable assets, brochures and their acquisition strategy too. We also developed a fully customisable solution to allow their users to fully brand their lockers in a unique and professional way, using specially designed templates which are simple and easy to modify.

The business struggled to convert website traffic into paying users, so we revolutionised their communication strategy to create a message which stated the benefits of the software more clearly.

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Washbox approached Clementine House after unsuccessfully branding their business and finding it difficult to convert website traffic into paying users. The company was originally focused around positioning itself from a features related stand point and did not understand how to appeal or understand their customers key pinpoints and objectives. This therefore made it more difficult to connect and convert prospects into paying users. The solution to their problem was to revitalise their communication strategy and position the brand in a way which communicates the benefit the user can experience once the software is integrated within their business.

The project took just under 5 weeks to complete, allowing the brand to meet a very tight deadline originally set when they got in touch with us. We are also currently working with the company in regards to their customer acquisition, helping them craft their marketing strategy around a challenging budget to help them get the best return on their marketing investment using innovative strategies and approaches.

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