Brand Name Creation, Brand Identity & Packaging Design

Tailorford is a premium skincare brand who are focused on connecting with men who wish to care for and maintain well maintained skin.


Clementine House was approached to help name the new skincare brand, to help them create a premium brand image which could connect with men who want a high-end manly skincare solution. The brand also hired our team to develop their brand identity and packaging.


We explored over 90 names for the new brand before sending each name through out Brand Name Assessment Process. Tailorford stood out due to it's uniqueness and the clean .com domain was only $600 (significantly less than it's true value). We then developed the brand's identity, opting for a simple but sophisticated brand mark which could be used effortlessly across all environments, including their packaging.


The result helps position Tailorford as the premium brand they set out to be, allowing them to price their products higher and therefore be more profitable overall. The business is currently working with Clementine House on other areas of the brand, including strategy and marketing to bring their skincare range to market.

Tailorford is a US based brand focused on empowering men through skincare rituals.

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In our first meeting with Tim & Gun, the founders admitted they were frustrated with trying to find a great name for their new skincare brand. They mentioned if they did find a great name, the domain was always taken. This is very common when searching for domains, we explained, as third parties buy domains to sell at a premium to new businesses. Once we agreed to help, we explored over 90 names for the new brand. After putting every name through our rigorous Brand Name Assessment Process, we were left with 7 great options which Tim & Gun had trouble choosing from.

Tailorford was chosen due to the premium feel the brand name has, whilst also being down to earth and manly. Best of all, the clean .com domain was available at a reduced rate (from $1250). This made the decision easier for the team. We then set out to develop a scalable and instantly identifiable brand mark which could be used effortlessly across all environments and brand assets. The result allows Tailorford to make sure their branding is consistant on all fronts.

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